The other week our Tech Ed. teacher facilitated a class over video conferencing. It was really interesting to be communicating over video and audio with other students and a guest speaker halfway across the country.  Although the tech ran into some problems with the internet connection, it was an eye-opening experience to see how this technology could be used to teach classes with students in different geographical locations or even just in a different room in the same building.

It gave me some ideas about ways these tools could be used to teach in elementary school. I think would be intriguing to run lesson over skype, like a test review done in a game show theme. Students would probably find this novel and interesting. You might need a teacher partner or substitute teacher to make this work. You surprise students by leading them to believe they are just going to watch a video online, which then turns into an interactive lesson with the person talking back to them and able to see them. You can introduce characters and narratives over interactive video conferencing. This technology makes bringing topic experts into the classroom so much easier or introducing students to environments they unable to visit in real life possibility

It is important to have a good internet connection though so that the lesson is able to flow seamlessly, using a wired connection is recommended to avoid any lag.