I finally had a chance to play the game Minecraft. After having read the same Minecraft book to a child that I worked with hundreds of times, it was interesting to get a chance to experience the game first hand. I was aware that the game had some educational aspects to it, regarding resources and building. It was insightful to how the game could also be played in a social way that utilizes communication, leadership, and cooperative skills. It is clear that teachers can facilitate the game in a fashion that requires students to practice their problem-solving skills, through play.

I found it interesting that have some environmentally conscious aspects built into it as well. Over exploiting natural resources like trees will have negative consequences-the trees won’t grow back. Leaving the tops of the trees will ensure their survival and players have the option to collect seeds and replant trees.

https://www.idtech.com/blog/educational-benefits-minecraft, this website attempts to explain some of the lesser know educational benefits of Minecraft, ranging from creativity to reading and math skills.

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